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Lucas Law PLLC

In Gilford, New Hampshire, and the surrounding area, Lucas Law PLLC, offers personalized, professional general practice legal services focusing on civil litigation, family law, personal injury, and business, construction, and property disputes. The attorneys at Lucas Law PLLC, are experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in these various legal areas. We are dedicated to preserving client rights and to ensuring that every person that we represent gets the full benefit and protection of the law.

Working For and With You

The legal professionals at Lucas Law PLLC, offer hands-on service that utilizes timely and on-going communication, efficient and comprehensive strategizing, and a total commitment to securing the best possible outcome for each of our clients. We understand that every one of our client's legal issues, whether they are related to a personal injury claim, contract dispute, family law case, or any other such situation, is important and that the proper and positive resolution of a client's legal problems is imperative.

Thus, the legal team at Lucas Law PLLC, is focused on working with and for you. We work with you in order to totally understand your case so that we may develop a plan that gives you the best possibility of yielding the results that you desire. We work for you by overseeing every aspect and detail of your case in an effort to make sure that you will enjoy every advantage that the law affords you.

What We Do

Lucas Law PLLC, in Gilford, New Hampshire, is dedicated to settling disputes in the most amicable manner possible. However, our legal professionals will never compromise your position, negate the importance of your claim, or undermine the essence of your case. When you meet with us for an initial consultation we will listen to the specifics of your case, discuss the various elements of your claim, and offer a range of options that you may wish to pursue.

We will work towards settling your dispute or claim in any number of ways, such as pre-suit mediation, out of court settlement, or civil lawsuit, which may be resolved in pre-trial proceedings or via a jury decision. Whatever route you may decide to take, we will work assiduously to preserve your rights, to win the outcome you desire, and to protect your best interests.

Attorney Allen Lucas

Allen, who is currently the Vice President of the Belknap County Bar Association and a member of New Hampshire's Association for Justice, focuses his efforts in the areas of legal practice that include civil litigation and family law. Other areas in which he has important and essential experience include landlord/tenant legal disputes, LLC formation, family estate planning, real estate (easement disputes), personal injury, commercial and personal contact disputes, DWI defense, condominium association dealings, slip and fall accidents, debt collection issues, and appellate work.

Vicki Teed

Vicki, who is the paralegal for Lucas Law PLLC, and works side by side with your legal team to ensure efficiency and organization, has experience in all types of cases. This includes a substantial amount of work in litigation support, case investigation, client and witness interviewing, and document gathering, preparation and organization. She has also been engaged in the coordination of discovery, preparation of pleadings, depositions, and other aspects of legal proceedings. Our clients spend a lot of time with Vicki and describe her as professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. She knows how to get things done and goes out of her way to ensure clients are informed and comfortable throughout the legal process.

Ready to Serve You

The Lucas Law PLLC, professionals in Gilford, New Hampshire, are ready to serve you. Our dedicated professionals will work towards your benefit in every way possible. The welfare of each of our clients is of greatest importance to us. If you require general practice legal services focusing on civil litigation, family law, personal injury, or business, construction, and property disputes, contact us at 603-581-7102 to arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to meet with you, learn the particulars of your case, and present possible options that you may follow. If you have a legal issue that needs to be settled, contact us as soon as possible.