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3 Things a Personal Injury Attorney Looks for in a Potential Case

If you take your case to an attorney for an evaluation, there are certain things he or she will look for to determine if your case is viable. An attorney does not just analyze the legal aspect of your case; they also assess the financial aspect. Even if your lawsuit will not go to court, a injury attorney must ensure that the compensation covers their costs as well as your losses - so that everyone comes out a winner. If you are not sure if you have a valid claim, you will want to think like an attorney and assess your case for the factors an attorney would consider.

3 Things an Attorney Will Consider Before Accepting a Personal Injury Case

  1. Liability - First, the attorney will want to assess liability. Someone must be responsible for the accident - other than yourself. The attorney will need to see evidence of their liability or at least enough proof that they can be held liable for your injuries. For example, in a car accident, you would need proof the other driver caused the accident.
  2. Losses - Next, you will need to show the attorney any losses that have stemmed from the injury. You will need actual monetary losses - such as medical costs, lost wages, benefits, property damage, and so on. You will need losses that are extensive enough for the attorney to put forth the time and effort in your case. If your losses are only a few hundred dollars, it is typically not worth it for a personal injury to pursue the claim.
  3. Financial Considerations - Lastly, an attorney will need to consider all financial issues with the case. Compensation is used in personal injury claims to make you feel complete again, and a injury attorney will need to see if that is financially possible from the defendant. For example, if the defendant has a good insurance policy, then it is likely you will receive the compensation you deserve, but if they do not have an insurance policy, it may be more difficult to get the compensation you need. Holding a private individual responsible for your losses is difficult and often requires proof they have adequate enough assets. A person can lose a personal injury claim, but that doesn't mean they can be forced to pay - especially if they don't have the financial means or assets to pay the claim.

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