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Auto Accident - Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Auto accidents are a very real concern for anyone on the road today - whether you are driving or not. It has been reported that there are over 3 million automobile accident victims from the past 5 years. Of all of the drivers on the road it is estimated that over 25% of them have been involved in an accident. Auto Accident Image Each accident ends up being very costly no matter what the situation is. At the very least it causes transportation issues while you try to get the damage to your vehicle repaired. You may also lose work as well. In many cases you will suffer from an injury and be saddled with the medical expenses associated with that injury. All of this equates into a great expense and in many cases there is very little compensation to protect you from your losses. However, there are several ways that you can ensure that you will recoup some of the financial damages that you incur from the auto accident. Call the Police If you are involved in an accident you need to contact the proper authorities right away. There may be situations when the other driver will request that you forgo calling the police but this is the last thing you want to do. The insurance companies will require a police report before they will pay out any expenses. Once the police have been notified they will handle all of the questioning as well. They will contact any witnesses for you and obtain their statements as well. From there, a report will be filed by the police department and the insurance company will be able to access the information that they require as well. Seek Medical Attention If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in any way it is important that you seek medical attention. Many of these types of injuries may go undetected and potentially become life threatening if you don't get them checked out as soon as possible. They also may continue to get worse if they go untreated. So, to be on the safe side, get yourself and anyone who was in the same vehicle as you were checked out. Obtain a Copy of the Accident Report You should always get a copy of the accident report for yourself. The insurance companies involved will need a copy of this in order for you to move forward with your claim. Contact a Lawyer The goal of the insurance company is to get out of the situation for as little money as possible. However, if you were injured or your vehicle was damaged then you need to be compensated for that. Most of the time the only way for you to receive the fair treatment you deserve is through the help of an attorney. You can be sure that the insurance company has a full team of lawyers working on their behalf - it is only right for you to have the same. By retaining an experienced attorney that is used to dealing with auto accidents and personal injury cases you will have someone on your side that knows the law, knows the proper compensation you should be receiving, and someone who can walk you through each step of the process. How much will an attorney cost? Many people do not retain an attorney in this situation because they feel like they cannot afford their services. Personal injury attorneys do not work in that way. They will only get paid if you actually receive a settlement of some kind. This will all be discussed with you at the free consultation with the attorney. If you have been the victim of an auto accident there is no reason that you should not receive the proper compensation for your physical injuries and property damages. These things can be extremely costly as they often lead to extreme medical expenses and lost income as well. Make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve by retaining an attorney that will have your best interests in mind - not saving the wealthy insurance company money at your expense.