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Being a Stay-At-Home Parent in a Divorce

It doesn't matter if you and your spouse are going through a messy, uncontested divorce, dealing with the results can be difficult for anyone, especially for stay-at-home parents. This situation might mean leaving you without any money, home or a way out. But even as a stay-at-home parent, you have rights.

The Divorce Process

Going through an uncontested divorce as a stay-at-home parent can be lot easier than it may seem. For spouses who have agreed that their marriage is beyond repair, there are options that can result in an equal share of the assets and other belongings, including children. To qualify for an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must:

  • Agree on how the assets will be divided, including debts
  • You both agree on alimony
  • You both agree on a timesharing schedule concerning your children

If you're dealing with a divorce that may be a little messier than an uncontested divorce, a lawyer will be able to help you receive what you deserve during divorce proceedings. Many spouses who do not work are often concerned with whether or not they will be able to pay for a lawyer, retain any assets or even care for the children without an income. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will be able to get you the help you need, especially with issues including child support and alimony.

Receiving Alimony

Alimony can be a lifesaver for stay-at-home parents who are going through the divorce process in the state of New Hampshire. While it isn't as simple as requesting money from your spouse through the court system, there are some ways that an individual can identify whether or not they will be able to qualify for alimony payments. Alimony qualifications include:

  • If you don't receive a sufficient income to live the lifestyle you lived when you were married
  • If you are unable to support yourself or have to care for a child who is dependent on you
  • If your spouse will have the ability to afford the alimony payments as well as support themselves

Hiring a New Hampshire Divorce Attorney

At Lucas Law, PLLC, we have the experience and knowledge to get you the best possible outcome after a divorce. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you shouldn't have to worry about how you are going to support yourself and your children after you and your spouse have separated. Consult to Gilford Divorce Attorney at (603) 581-7102 so that we can work with you and ensure you receive everything you deserve after your divorce is finalized. Related Posts :