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Can Divorce Impact the Economy?

 Unfortunately, divorce is all too common today. The statistics are almost unbelievable with approximately of marriages ending in divorce. Not only is this incredibly devastating to each spouse and family, we are also beginning to see its ugly effects on the economy. With the rate of single parents increasing each year-which is no doubt an effect from the high divorce rate-this most certainly has an impact on the economy, as more single-parent homes are struggling to support children and a household on one income and in troubling and difficult economic times. So what has changed? Gone are the days when a single parent could provide one income and support a family of four comfortably. Sometimes even in a situation where two parents working full time jobs isn't enough to support at least two children, depending on their income and education levels, of course. Furthermore, the effects of divorce on children and the family unit can also indirectly impact the economy. Many studies have shown that children growing up in a single parent household with one income are less likely to have resources needed to achieve higher goals in life. This of course isn't true across the board, but the negative effects of divorce on children are evident. However, the effects of divorce on children and the family unit as a whole can be handled for the positive or the negative. It all depends on how parents choose to deal with their divorce around their children. If each situation turns into a screaming match or battle, then this will negatively impact the children. However, parents who choose to address the situation, reassure their children, and explain how the family unit will change might have less-devastating effects. So can divorce impact the economy? It's quite possible. In fact, the child poverty rate increases each year as a result of more single parents than married parents raising children, and more parents trying to raise children with one income. So where does a single parent seek help? Of course there are federal programs, tax credits, and even agreements settled during divorce, such as child support and alimony that are available to single parents who qualify. However, each of these agreements and support situations can vary from state to state and situation to situation. Ultimately, it is helpful to have a knowledgeable and experienced divorce and family law attorney in Gilford NH on your side to help represent spouses seeking a divorce settle disputes related to their families. The associates at Lucas Law PLLC, are experienced in taking on and managing divorce and family law cases from start to finish. They are happy to represent individuals in minor divorce settlements to complex legal situations.

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