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Common Causes of Winter Accidents

Common Winter Car AccidentsEvery winter in New Hampshire involves a number of automobile accidents. According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 1 million weather-related accidents occur each year. In fact, it is likely to see at least one accident during your daily commute. However, these accidents are not always because of reckless or negligent drivers; sometimes they are due to adverse winter weather conditions. Weather impacts visibility, obstructs lanes, and makes road conditions unsafe for even the most skilled driver. But, by being aware of what causes those common winter accidents, you may be able to at least prepare yourself and hopefully, avoid an accident yourself.

Heavy Winds

Heavy winds are the sign a storm is coming in. And while heavy winds don't seem like they could hinder driving, but they can in fact severely impact a driver and vehicle on the road. From blowing snow and dust, limiting visibility, and obstructing lanes with debris, it is no surprise heavy winds are a common cause of accidents. For high-profile vehicles, such as SUVs, semi-trucks, and delivery vehicles, winds can actually hinder a vehicle's stability. Try to avoid driving during high wind warnings, especially if there is blowing snow that reduces visibility.


On a 10-year average, 154,580 crashes occur each year due to icy roads and there are over 580 persons killed in icy-road accidents. Ice can coat the roads rather quickly in New Hampshire. Even with the best tires and four-wheel drive, your vehicle is no match for icy road conditions. Slipping tires will cause your vehicle to be unstable and you may find it difficult to stop, let alone control your vehicle. If driving in icy conditions, keep an extra distance between you and the car ahead. Do not brake suddenly and avoid abrupt maneuvers.


Snow accounts for over 175,000 accidents each year and more than 43,000 injuries. Snow causes roads to be slick, limits visibility, and can even cause a vehicle to become unstable. If you must drive in the snow, remember to keep safe distances between you and other vehicles. Be sure that there is adequate tread on your tires, and never drive on roads that have been closed due to heavy snow.

Injured This Winter? Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Winter accidents can be severe and cause extensive injuries or worse, death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a winter-related accident,consult to an auto accident attorney at Lucas Law today. We offer free consultations and can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call now at 603-581-7102. Related Posts :