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Fall on the Ice, Who is at Fault?

Proving fault after you slip and fall on ice isn't always easy to prove. But, the injuries you encounter after falling on ice can be extensive. While most of the time it is the owner at fault for your injuries, there are other times it may be a different party; therefore, you should consult slip and fall lawyers in NH immediately after your accident so that your lawyer can determine who is responsible.

Did the Property Owner Fail to Maintain Safe Conditions?

Private and commercial property owners are required to maintain a certain level of care and manage safety issues within a reasonable time frame after they are made aware of that condition. For example, with outside conditions concerning ice, the owner needs to recognize there was ice and have ample time to act. Also, attorneys will consider how long the ice was present before your accident. For example, if the ice was present only for a few minutes or while the business was closed for the night, you may not be able to hold the business owner accountable for all of your injuries. But, if the owner had several hours to remove the ice and did not, then they could be considered negligent and responsible for your injuries. Also Read : Fall on Ice? It Might Not Be Your Fault

Was a Third-Party Responsible for Snow and Ice Removal?

Some business owners hire third parties to manage their snow and ice removal. If the property owner has a contract with that company and the company refused to follow their contractual duties, then the company may be held liable for your injuries rather than the property owner.

Was It the Owner's Property?

Ice present on a parking lot or even sidewalk does not necessarily belong to the owner of the home or commercial establishment. If the property belonged to the city, then you would have to file your claim against the city for failing to provide safe conditions.

Injured After a Slip and Fall on Ice? Let a Personal Injury Attorney Help

Determining fault after ice slip and falls is not easy. It is best to contact slip and fall lawyers in NH to assess your case. The team at Lucas Law can assess the circumstances of your slip and fall injury and determine you right away if you have a case. We can also help determine who is at fault for your injuries (whether one or more parties). Contact us today for a free consultation. Related Blogs :