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When to Speak to an Attorney about your Car Accident

Not all car accidents require the parties to talk with an attorney. A handful of simple accidents resulting in minor damage may be quickly resolved by insurance providers. However, severe car accidents oftentimes have long-range consequences, which may affect someone for months or even years. All drivers should understand some of the most typical situations when it's necessary to talk with an attorney after an auto accident.

Severe Injuries

Anyone who has suffered an injury due to an auto accident must talk with an attorney. Injuries from vehicle collisions may take days or even weeks to fully manifest. They may lead to lost wages or lost time at work. Getting fair compensation for those injuries is challenging in most instances. A lawyer has the necessary resources and knowledge to document all injuries and explain in a hearing in a legally compelling manner.

Driver Disputes

Normally, it's best to talk to an attorney if there's any dispute regarding what occurred to cause the incident. Fault still is a problem in most areas and may affect the outcome of any claim. A driver disputing what occurred may cause complications with a police report and insurance provider, which may make the situation difficult to handle without a lawyer. An attorney has the ability to defend a client against false accusations of fault or negligence in the event the claim isn't backed by facts.

Litigious Drivers

One sign that it's necessary to talk with a lawyer is if the other involved driver has litigious intentions. This basically means that the driver caused the accident purposefully, but "staged" it as an accident in attempt to collect a settlement from you or your insurance company. How are litigious intentions proven? In the event of a litigious accident, the other driver might begin discussing the collection of damages and pressing charges before anyone is completely aware of the accident. Some litigious drivers might make baseless claims resulting in attempts to gather an exorbitant quantity of money. Though the claims ultimately might be dismissed, it's always better to consult an attorney and get representation as soon as possible.

Aggressive Insurance Provider

Insurance providers don't always have the driver's best interests in mind while assessing the details of an auto accident. Insurers have different tactics to minimize the quantity of claims or deny specific portions of claims altogether. It involves demanding an injured driver to sign a legal document or taking recorded statements. It's time to talk with an attorney when insurance providers become obstructive or aggressive. An attorney should be contacted prior to signing any paperwork or providing any recorded statements to an insurer. An experienced lawyer may protect a client from those tactics as well as fight for fair compensation.

No Time

One last reason many individuals talk with an attorney after an auto accident is due to a lack of time. Following through upon all the documents, claims, and potential legal problems associated with accidents takes more time than most have available. It may take days to acquire a fundamental understanding which will permit a victim of an accident to incorrectly complete paperwork. An attorney will deal with most of the complicated factors and work towards a positive outcome.

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