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Do You Need Personal Injury Attorney Even if You Want to Settle?

Sometimes an insurance settlement just requires your signature and an adjuster hands over a check. But, even if it all seems great, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney just to be safe. The legal issues and other things that can arise from a great settlement are things your personal injury attorney will catch so you can avoid dealing with them. 

But, if you still think you don't need a lawyer, especially if you plan on settling, here are a few reasons to reconsider:

  1. You May Not be Getting the Best Deal - While you may think you're getting a great settlement, the amount may not be enough to cover long-term damages. Companies purposely waive large amounts in your face because they know you likely won't consider the "long-term". But, an attorney can tell you if the settlement you're being offered is worth it or if the company needs to increase.
  2. You Need a Negotiations Expert - Unless you negotiate for a living, you need someone there to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. An attorney can evaluate your case and make sure you get a fair settlement. They can also bring up other settlement options you may be unaware of, and also help you avoid paying a large tax amount on your settlement.
  3. You Need Options - Even if you plan to settle, the other party may make you feel as though you cannot back out or that you are locked into a deal. An attorney will explain how the process works and ensure you are never stuck in a deal you don't want to be in.
  4. You Need the Option to Sue - While dealing with insurance adjusters is not always a bad experience, more often than not, they need a legal push to give you the settlement you deserve. If they choose to offer a lesser settlement, then you need an attorney to help bring a civil suit against that insurance company, and hopefully, push them into the settlement you were meant to receive.

Want to Settle? Call a Personal Injury Attorney First

Even if you are ready to settle, you need an attorney by your side. Call Lucas Law PLLC today for assistance with your settlement negotiations. We can represent your best interests, make sure you are receiving a fair settlement, and be there to help negotiate your case. Call today for a free consultation at 603-584-7102. RELATED POSTS :